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A few words from the Spanish retreat songwriters
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"I've been to every retreat you've done and this one has just totally blown my mind. I feel every time I come to them I grow so much not only as a writer but as a person.Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and Ian. Your support and advice was just brilliant and you're both hilarious!"
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"Thank you for the most amazing week of my life. I can't put it in to words and I can't think of any way you could improve it, it was beyond perfect, it was magical. I learned so much about the process and the fun involved, I wish we could have stayed there forever!!!
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"People have asked me how it went and I find it really difficult to explain in words just how amazing it really is."
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“This has been the most musically inspirational week of my life, was previously nervous about collaborative writing but now I see it's the most amazing process ever, never laughed so much, never believed in myself so much."
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"Such an amazing and inspiring week! I can't yet adequately express how pleased I am that I came."
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"A massive thank you for your incredible enthusiasm, insane humour, boundless energy and creative drive, and for bringing us all together for what was such an outstanding week."
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"This has now been my third retreat and I've always walked away from them feeling enriched, inspired and alive. Each time the format just gets better and better."
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"Your advice and insight has been a blessing - no words."
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“I would just like to send you a giant thank you for what you did for us in Andalusia. The whole week was pure joy - most of all thanks to your careful planning and supervision. You really cared about our well-being and wanted us to get the most out of our stay. And with your help I really think we all did! I really think that part of the reason why these retreats are turning out so great is that you are such a beautiful person, and you really do care about songwriting and about people. You have high standards, you reach for the stars. And it rubs off on everyone…. The result being a wonderful climate for creating new songs! I think you are a great songwriter, but you are also very skilled at arranging this kind of retreat. It was such a pleasure being there with you and everyone else. You are just the best Martin."
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"You thought of everything, brought the best out of us and proved to us that we can. Your encouragement was endless, the sessions made us challenge ourselves and the tools you gave us will stand us in great stead for our future creativity. Man, I'm looking forward to next year!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
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"Greetings Top Man! Firstly many thanks for being the brains behind a life-changing experience for us all! You should be fiercely proud of yourself. All of us clearly feel inspired and ready for the assault on the rocky terrain that is a career in songwriting ;-)"
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"I am coming down today after an amazing week. I was very sorry to say goodbye and I can't stop thinking about it.
I have to say that you gave yourself totally with no restraint and I really enjoyed being with you. I love the fact that you are yourself no matter whether you are teaching or writing and it was so refreshing.The venue was stunning and it was a pleasure to be there.
The retreat gave me more confidence in my own ability and made me realise how much more I could achieve with others.
Thank you so much for everything it was truly a huge triumph for you - very well thought out and worth the money. The flamenco night will stay with me always and the songs round the fire at night. Really magical memories."

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"Miraculous, outstanding and incredibly special. One of the best weeks in my life. Hard to find the right words. Thank you all for the amazing songwriting experience, for your words of wisdom, support, kindness, laughter and for being the best company I can possibly imagine. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for everything and for choosing that incredible place, where miracles happen."
"What an Incredible experience! Thank You Mart. I have learnt so much and had such a fantastic experience. What you taught us has taken my songwriting way past my expectations and I feel humbled by the whole experience. The vibe and villa was just out of this World and the food and hospitality organised was 5 star. Everyone on the trip got on so well that saying goodbye on the last day was difficult for all of us. It was so good, I'll be on the next one.Thank you somehow doesn't seem enough to say but...Thank you."
"What an incredible, inspiring, and motivating week and I feel honoured to have been a part of it. I almost feel like it was a dream as it was almost too good to be true. I know I've said it twice already but it's changed me. It's given me the confidence to go into a session and know that I can contribute, and the desire to really knuckle in and write songs that I am proud of. So thank you for that :) Thank you again!" 
"What an outstanding week! Still quite surreal. An amazing songwriting experience, beautiful people, and lessons in life. Not to forget the continual banter, laughter and genuine support everyone gave to each other. Andalucia will always be my special place :) Eternally grateful for this pivotal time. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! Here's to next year and all the co-writes in between."
“Once again Martin, you've outdone yourself! I didn't think the second time could be better but it was. The lovely, supportive, and crazy talented songwriters, were a joy to spend time and work with. Combined with the stunning Villa, the food and the weather, it was all fuel to help us all reach great levels of creativity. I really didn't want to go home but so many magic moments keep popping into my head giving a lightness to being back. Thank you so much for giving us all another incredible week. There's nowhere else I'd rather be in September!”
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