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the art of songwriting
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I'm Martin Sutton and I love my job. I started out as a busker (yes that's me on the right) but now I've been in the music business for twenty years as a songwriter, producer, session musician and mixer. I've sold millions of records worldwide for artists including Celine Dion, The Backstreet Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Olivia Newton John, Mike & The Mechanics, K-pop and J-pop stars and many X-Factor/Idol winners around the world. I've written with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Pixie Lott, Mike Rutherford and many of the world's best songwriters.

After 6 years with Universal Music Publishing I now run my own publishing company and work from my home in Buckinghamshire where I have a recording studio, as well as teaching degree level songwriting at Tech Music School in London. I work closely with major labels writing and producing songs for artists in many different genres.

Songwriting is more than just a job for me,
it's a passion. When I came into the business I was so naïve I didn't even realise I could make money doing it - I did it because I loved it and I still do. Needless to say when I started being paid for my songs I knew this was the job for me!

The reality is that it's taken many years of trying, failing, trying again and working my backside off to learn how to write songs that people will want to listen to, fall in love with and record!

Now I want to share that knowledge with other aspiring songwriters.

There are many methods, unwritten rules, tips and tricks that professional songwriters use to keep the listener listening. So many things need to be considered when writing specifically for an artist or when trying to break through as an artist yourself. Remember
the song is king! Without killer material your career at best will be short-lived, at worst non-existent.

Since 2010 I have been running exclusive workshops designed to share with writers the way professional songwriters craft great songs. The workshops cover:

  • What makes a good song?
  • How to write more powerful lyrics and memorable melodies.
  • How to get the most from collaboration
  • The importance of demo production
  • How do I get my songs heard?
  • Who do I need to know?
  • How do I get a publishing deal?
  • Money money money...?

"The course was great, and hearing you talk about the business with such heart and passion was the height of it for me... Thank you for sharing :-) and thank you too for giving so much encouragement...your energy is contagious and I shall tell every songwriter I meet to go on the course!
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