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Workshop and Masterclass Feedback

"I feel like I've just had a life-changing weekend...I've spent the last few evenings implementing what you've taught me and already my songs feel & sound so much better. You teach with a humour & a passion that makes all the knowledge so very easy to retain. I truly hope our paths cross in the future."

“I was on a high for 2 days...”

“Amazing, not only was it invaluable, but also the way in which you run the course, with real individual care and love for all, makes it all a very warm bloody old hippy:)”

“I'm really fired up today - bouncing melodies in my head...”

"What an amazingly inspiring day it was Thank you so much for reigniting my passion for songwriting."

“WOW! I'm still trying to come to terms with everything I learnt - my head is still buzzing from it all. I can totally recommend it to anyone interested in moving from writing songs to becoming a Songwriter!”

"The course was great, and hearing you talk about the business with such heart and passion was the height of it for me... Thank you for sharing :-) and thank you too for giving so much encouragement...your energy is contagious and I shall tell every songwriter I meet to go on the course!"

"Thank you, Martin.  It was brilliant - and opened my eyes to so many different possibilities. You struck the right tone and created a perfect environment; everyone was encouraging and it was really good for me to have a go at co-writing with people I had not met before. It wasn't impossible after all."

"Thank YOU so much for the workshop! I have had sooooo many ideas this morning for songs...I have truly found my enthusiasm again and my passion for writing, I'd forgotten what it felt like and I'm so excited to see what I come up with!
Thank you thank you thank you thank yooooou!"


“I managed to get on the workshop and I have to say I thought it was excellent, I have gone to a couple of these type of things and I have to say I learnt more on your one in ten minutes than any other”

“Your personal story resonated with me and makes me want
to become a much better songwriter.”


“I really found it very interesting and inspiring! I got pages of great tips!”

"It was like a creative Big Bang and I had to give it time so I could really notice all the nuances of what I had absorbed...I was overwhelmed with the positivity"

"The session was eye opening, amazing and very inspiring. I definitely took a lot away from it and believe this is the start of something great!!"

"Everything you said was ****ing incredible Martin."

“Fantastic, highly informative and inspiring. I have been to a number of seminars but found this by far the most beneficial."

“Congratulations on delivering a hugely informative and entertaining six hour seminar in what felt like the time it takes to listen to a great album!”

“I am genuinely still on a high from the seminar.”

“I have been out of writing for a while and you make me feel that I can still do it and that this is till what I want to do.”

"There were so many things I too away from it. Things that seem like they should be common sense and things that I had never before considered, and you articulated them expertly, with real life examples and industry know-how. Thank you."


"Very inspiring."

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