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the art of songwriting

So you want to be a songwriter?

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Today's music business is making it tougher than ever to make it as a songwriter. More and more songs are being illegally downloaded which means fewer records are being paid for. That means publishing companies have less money to pay for songwriters and are therefore signing fewer of them.

To be successful in this sort of climate you have to be good.
Seriously good. That's not all. Once you've written enough awesome songs you have to know the way the business works or you'll be eaten alive. You have to know the right people and how to get your songs heard instead of being thrown on a pile in the corner of the record label's A&R office!

Of course you'll need to know how to make your song sound the best it can too or you'll get laughed out of aforementioned office. And in this cutthroat business, chances are you won't be allowed back in for a second chance if you blow it on your first.

Still want to be a songwriter?

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