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Pam Sheyne - Writer of hit song "Genie In A Bottle" (Christina Aguilera) and Fame Academy songwriting coach.

“Martin understands the craft of writing songs. I’ve written with many songwriters over the years and he is one those writers who cares about every word, every melody, every note that is recorded, wanting to make a song the very best it can be. He has a great instinct for delivering those deep and meaningful messages, a natural at twisting a phrase and has a knack for coming up with strong concepts and titles I wished I’d thought of! “

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Michael Garvin - Writer of 22 No1 hit songs including "Waiting For Tonight" (Jennifer Lopez) and "Never Give Up On A Good Thing" (George Benson).

"I've had the pleasure of both working with Martin for many years, and mentoring at his songwriting retreats. He is a songwriter of the highest caliber, and has the unique ability to bring out the best in the talent he nurtures. I recommend to any songwriter keen on improving his or her craft, these amazing workshops Martin hosts."

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Andrew Roachford - Columbia Records' top selling artist for 10 years and writer of hit song "Cuddly Toy".

“Martin for me is a genius songwriter. He has the rare gift of being strong both lyrically and melodically, he is one of the most versatile writers I have written with and seems to make it look so easy (the b*****d)!!

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Chris Neil - Producer of "Think Twice" (Celine Dion), "The Living Years" (Mike & The Mechanics) and many more hit records in over 30 years of production.

"Ask any record producer worth their salt and they will tell you the song is everything. I have been producing records for a wide variety of artists for many years and all the biggest hits have been with great songs. So it's vital for me, and producers like me, to tap into excellent song writing talent and Martin certainly fits the bill. Not only can he sit down and write a great song the traditional way on a guitar or keyboard, he can also write and programme cool grooves and vibes with as little as a laptop (I once watched him write a song on a flight to Rome)!!! A total professional with infinite patience, I have enjoyed...and learned...from sharing a working day with Martin."

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Jeff Franzel - Hit songwriter for Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, 'N Sync & The Temptations
Pianist for Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jnr.

"Martin has a gift of combining emotion with craft in his songwriting and has a lot sensitivity in the collaboration process. He never settles and is always searching for the best way to communicate a musical or lyrical idea. It's a joy to work with him and we have become great friends as well."

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Allen Jacobs - Ex head of EMI publishing UK

"I am happy to endorse and support Martin and the Songwriting Workshops as I have worked with him over for a number of years and not only has he written some terrific songs, he has always been one of the most passionate and caring characters I know, full of ideas and always committed to what he is doing. A few years back I was close to signing him to a publishing deal - ask him to play you "Everybody's Someone" - and I hope you will see why."

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